Hello! simiweather.com was established in March 2005 to provide weather data to the citizens of
Simi Valley, California and other interested parties. The website is not affiliated with any of the
organizations linked to on this site.

The website also provides fire weather information to interested/concerned users given Simi Valley’s
past history of brush fires.

In September 2010 The National Weather Service selected Simiweather.com as the offical Cooperative Weather Station for Simi Valley.

The weather station is a Davis Instruments device, and uses their Weatherlink software to provide its
data to the Internet via a PC which runs 24/7 and is located in north-central Simi.
This computer in turn sends its data to our weather server every 5 minutes. This website is affiliated with the
Southwestern Weather Network, an association of privately-owned weather websites across the Southwest USA (click on the icon at the lower left to jump to the Network's website).